Idiom Stories (Classic Stories of China)


The term idiom refers to a set phrase formed through long-term usage. Chinese idioms have a fixed structure and parlance¿with specific meaning. Most are composed of four characters¿ although some have three characters and a few consist of more than four.Some idioms are divided into two parts with a comma in the middle. This book has included the numerous articles on Chinese idiom story. The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea Help the Crops Grow by Pulling Them Upward A Hundred Shots¿ A Hundred Bull 's-Eyes Seeing Is Believing Spoil the Half-finished Cloth Never Ashamed to Consult One's Inferiors How Can You Catch Tiger Cubs Without Entering the Tiger's Lair Every Bush and Tree Look Like an Enemy Beat the Grass and Startle the Snake Great Minds Mature Slowly Shake Up the Pillow and Have a Good Sleep Learn From Others at the Expense of One's Own Ability Fear of Disturbance in the Rear A Youth to be Regarded With Respect Swallow a Date Whole Last Touch Added to a Drawing Adding Feet to a Drawing of a Snake Flashy But Without Substance A Treasure Worth Several Cities Official Jiang Uses Up His Literary Talent A Hair on Nine Bulls A Dagger Heart Behind a Honey Mouth Make Up the Number An Old Horse Knows the Way Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow Green Willows and Red Flowers Wind and Rain Throughout the Town Falling After Sun Shan Vomit Heart¿ Shed Blood Cast a Brick to Invite a Jade Breaking the Pot¿ Sinking the Boat The Guizhou Donkey Exhausts Its Tricks Repeated Commands Practice Makes Perfect Water Falls¿ Stones Appear Renounce the Pay for the Sword Return the Jade Intact to the State Zhao Quench Thirsty by Longing for Plums Lament Before the Vast Sea Have a Finished Bamboo in the Mind A Whole Heart.

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